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Colon Detox & Cleansing

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over 3 years ago

I am not sure why cleansing the colon it is not discussed more often. A few months ago after taking years of supplements, I felt stuck. My skin was dry and I began to breakout. I have always been pretty heathy but I started feeling a lack of energy. I needed a boost. I then confided in a friend about how I was feeling. I noticed her skin looked incredible and she had lost a lot of weight. She recommended that I start off with a colon detox. I had no idea what that meant. She did some research online and tried several products before she found one that worked well. She recommended a product called Synergy Colon Cleanser. She told me it worked unbelievably well. She was less bloated and it helped with her constipation. She felt lighter and her digestion was a lot better and noticed that her complexion had cleared up. So I decided to try it and wow did it work. I recommend that you stay home for the first few hours. It is intense but did not cause me any pain. Right after I was done I was definitely lighter and my stomach felt flat. After flushing I did not want to put anything that wasn't healthy in my body. It was exactly what I needed to get going. I stopped feeling tired and heavy. I haven't gotten sick after doing the cleansing. The website is very informative and they are extremely helpful. This product is by far the best colon detox out there. It's been 9 months and I feel great. I wanted to share this product with you as my friend did with me. Brenda
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  • Roizen
    Michael Roizen, M.D. YouBeauty Founder
    over 3 years ago
    Young Dr Mike Comments---I can't help myself on this one---Glad ift worked for you. But it is cheaper to try cofee and water. That's right--You may hear that celebrities get colonics because they seem like some sort of miracle weight loss cure. Here’s how they work: You get a tube pushed up into your lower intestines (via your back end). You’re infused with a solution, and you roll around to wash out your colon, then the fluid gets sucked out (you’re given coffee, to help you go to the bathroom quickly). The purpose is to cleanse out the toxins and “reboot” your intestines. You’ll produce a lot of waste after a colonic, but the main waste here is of money. Your colon only absorbs water, so there’s no weight-loss benefit from colonics. In fact, you can get the same colon-cleansing and toxin-eliminating effect with a twenty-four- hour fast, coffee, and water.
  • User_4022
    over 3 years ago
    ...and then there's that "rite of passage" (emphasis, the last word) known as the routine colonoscopy! The prep is rigorous and vigorous; I've endured it twice, at two ten-year intervals. Getting way off topic here, but if anyone's doc has recommended one, don't fear. Instead, eat lightly before the day you take the prep (always humorously named, as in GoLytely). You'll go super-lightly, and with no cramping! Let's hear it for healthy colons!
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    over 3 years ago
    IMHO, if you're healthy, you should not need anything like colon cleansing or whatever they're trying to advertise. If you're concerned about your digestive system, take fiber twice a day. It's easily drinkable and not noticeable. This will better the health of your digestive system. Also an issue is the fact that your supplements may not be correctly stating the amount of vitamins and minerals in them. A report came out recently showing many had too much, too little or none at all that was stated on the label.
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    over 3 years ago
    How often do you use Synergy Colon Cleanser?
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    about 3 years ago
    I personally feel cleanses are unnecessary - the colon sheds material naturally and does not build up any material. If you're usually constipated, take a daily magnesium supplement. BUT... I have done a total cleanse in order to get a colonoscopy - so I know it works. Spotlessly clean on the inside. First, fast for 24 hours: only clear fluids, no milk, no orange juice. Then, drink Phospho-soda laxative in the evening, about 7 pm - they're available at any supermarket or drug store for less than $5. You will then spend the next 3 hours on the john. I did not feel lighter or thinner. I don't own a scale, and they did not have one at the doctor's (I was curious if I am as full of **** as my husband says). I would not go through this process without darn good reason. Beware of becoming dehydrated during this process: drink LOTS! Also, for a colonoscopy, you have to repeat the laxative the next morning until liquids come out clear, but you probably don't need to go that far because no one is about to put a camera up your backside & take a close look at your tissues, like I have done every 5 years thanks to my sister, who was diagnosed with colon cancer 7 years ago (she beat it and is healthy now).
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