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over 3 years ago

People say I am talented and should go far, but I feel my health and financial situation are holding me back. I have been given a grant(which I don't control) and the grantor, wants me to get my books in the market. I have no help, don't know the computer jargon all that well and have several health issues. I want to see the books published, and I would like to keep doing my artwork, but I just lost my house to foreclosure and my income is only disability. I feel so torn between the reality of my situation, and the possibility of a dream coming true. I feel so stressed, because I just don't know how to handle it all. I feel I can't give up, but don't know how to go forward. The grant money can't be used to hire a manager, or pay for help. The grantor seems to think I can do this all by myself. It's like giving a new car to someone without any gas.
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  • Art
    Art Markman, Ph.D. Psychology Advisor
    over 3 years ago
    It sounds like you need to engage some other people to help you out. It is never a sign of weakness to ask for help. I'm sure that you're dealing with lots of people for your health issues. You should also find people who can help to manage your books and artwork. Talk to other authors and artists and find out who helps them. Find a group of professionals in your area and see what they can recommend. Good luck!
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    over 3 years ago
    After reading of your circumstance, it brought my own similar circumstance back to mind. It was when I lost my house to foreclosure, and ultimately my job, that I decided to focus on writing and becoming published. I did this to prove that I was not entirely incapable of handling my life. I was fortunate in that there was an available support system for me to allow me to have housing, and help me go on social security disability, and then completely back on my own. Thus I was able to allot a reasonable amount of my income to getting my work out and eventually becoming published. I did not do it as a means of making a living, only to prove to myself that I was still capable. If I were you I would start finding out how to use that grant money to become published, isn't that what it is for?
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