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Heard of flow? Share your favorite flow activity.

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about 3 years ago

Have you found flow? Flow activities so deeply satisfy and challenge you, that you lose yourself in them. You can find flow in anything from cooking and composing to hiking and doing crossword puzzles. After engaging, you walk away with a happiness boost. Would love to hear--what are your favorite flow activities? Share and inspire others! P.S. My favorite? Writing. A bit predictable, yes. Tennis also tops my list.
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    blue lotus
    about 3 years ago
    i like to make up receipes. i'll go into the kitchen wash and soak rice.. and pull out what i want to accomplish... with my rice. or my sushi. i also like to journal a lot. and i love to get into religion. it really gives me support. just looking up information on my religion. and seeking what i need to know. so basically surfing the net. lol
  • User_166687
    about 3 years ago
    I love reading. I get lost in the story and will not put the book down. When I sleep the story continues and when I'm not reading it, I'll be thinking about it. I hate when it ends. I also play alot of xbox live, I'm 27 years old and still playing halo3. That to continues after I am asleep.
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    almost 3 years ago
    My favourite flow activity is taking care of my flowers. Time flies when I'm in my garden, and when the flowers are blooming, it's "like paradise" after months of patience. For example, 10 years ago I didn't know anything about roses, and they all died when I started to take care of them due to my lack of knowledge. After years of learning, I am very happy: I have been able to reach my goal; my rose-trees are growing and blooming each year.
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    almost 3 years ago

    For me, it is probably rock climbing.  If you're on a wall, and trying to hang on, it's hard to think about anything else.  I've stopped climbing, temporarily, so swimming is a close second.  I often find myself in a pool when I need to find my center.

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    almost 2 years ago

    i love reading a lot, crime fiction books enfussed with love tales are my favourite. i become a better spirit when am able to live in the same thoughts as the characters am reading about. nd am so inlove with discovering new songs, the feel good and the most romantic love songs.and last but not least, i do get very addicted to crime investigation, well scripted series.  FRINGE is my biggest favourite!

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    about 1 year ago
    ^Fringe is amazing! My most absorbing flow activities are reading a good novel and playing a game. Imagining you are the main character can be terrifying, you don't even have to leave your house to fall off a cliff! xD Joking, but really, books can be so addicting you don't realize how much time has gone by, how many pages you've gone through, anything going on outside of the book is blocked out and vanishes. The beauty of video games(especially games like the Elder Scrolls, with good graphics and an abundance of side quests) is that you have to make conscious decisions to build your character. Will you be a villain or a hero? Will you fight for money or honor? It's like reading a book, but you're doing more than following the character, you are creating the character and writing your own story.
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