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Hypothyroidism and body changes

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over 3 years ago

I am 41 years old. Last year I had to have surgery to remove a goiter the size of a pingpong ball because it was pressing on my esophogus. Six weeks later, I had to have my esophogus stretched in another procedure. In the past year, I have put on 50+ pounds and I can't seem to get it off! Last week my doctor said my thyroid levels are finally in the normal range along with Vitamin D and Iron which were both very low a year ago. What would be the best excersises for me to do to get things progressing back in the right direction? I do watch what I eat and I do not drink soda of any kind. Suggestions?
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  • User_2476
    over 3 years ago
    Congratulations, DebiBabe for getting through your health issues, and that's great that your body seems to be recovering well. It must be frustrating to know that your health is on the mend but that you struggle with losing the weight that came with it. Not drinking soda (diet or regular) is a great first step. Exercise is definitely important for feeling your best, so I would suggest starting with power walking, which doesn't put as much pressure on your joints as high-impact activities like running. Shoot for 30 minutes of walking, and walk as fast as you can taking long strides and moving your arms as you go. Do it as many times a week as you can. If you live close to a nature park or forest, walking the trails at a brisk pace will challenge you further and burn more calories. And although you say you watch what you eat (which is great), there are sneaky foods that seem healthy but actually work against us and keep the weight on. Namely, foods that boast "low fat" or "reduced fat." Check out this article on how low-fat foods can backfire: http://www.youbeauty.com/nutrition/fat-free-weight-gain
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