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Jennie Gwynne

over 3 years ago

Just returned from Azores where I lucked into a gentleman who has a small detox (electromagnetic detox via foot bath) clinic that utilizes Nargila in concert with herbs and vitamins for overall cleansing. The product is sold on internet for lots of pounds per kilo but this man has it available for 1.5 euro per kilo. He is enthusiastic about the clay as it has helped heal him of throat cancer. Of course, he had to change his diet (no dairy or bread) and continue to take herbs but he drank and still drinks Nargila in solution for detox. I now have a small supply of the product and look forward to the day when everyone will have the oppty to use this stuff. You can also use it as a mud mask. In itself it is mildly detoxing but as I said in concert with appropriate detoxing herbs and teas does a bangup job of cleansing. I have shared it with a man who works with Gratiae and OroGold. So who knows what will happen? I am all about equity of distribution whether clothing (I have a not for profit, Montana Clothesline, that sends free stuff all over the place) or skin care or detox. We all have a right as humans to a healthy life, and although society continues to be even more stratified vis a vis rich and poor, we still have an obligation as humans to connect and share as much as possible. Now I will step off my soapbox and wish everyone a Happy Halloween! Jennie Gwynne in Sidney, Montana, USA...
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