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What act of kindness have you seen?

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almost 3 years ago

A new study showed that believing others are kind can enhance your pleasure, cut down on pain--and even make food taste better! So share with us, what's the last random (or not so random!) act of kindness you saw or experienced? When you open your eyes to kindness, you realize it's all around : )
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    over 2 years ago
    I was at the laundromat a few weeks ago and forgot my detergent. I was there to wash all my towels and linens so I had about 5 loads and was frantically trying to see how much I could get into one load (because buying individual packs of detergent costs a fortune!) and a woman walks up to me and offers her detergent and dryer sheets. I never expected someone to be so thoughtful. And when I tried to giver her a couple of dollars, she insisted the universe would pay her back. I appreciated the dryer sheets but was way more impressed by her actions.
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    over 2 years ago
    i actually experienced an act of kindness and that was when we were going to church and we were running late so we got there late and there was no space for anyone to sit in and a guy stood up and offered his seat to my mom but she found another seat and he ended giving his seat to a woman with a child i dont know but i just thought that what he did was really kind bcuz he gave up his seat to someone else :)
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    over 2 years ago
    Me paying for things instead of bumming them off of people.
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