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What helps you bond with women of different generations in your family?

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over 3 years ago

In "Bieber Boomers: Why Older Women Love Justin Bieber," we looked at how kids, teens, moms and grandmas are bonding over Justin Bieber's popular tunes. Those close ties are great for mental and physical health, which both boost beauty. How do you bond with women of all ages in your family?
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    over 3 years ago
    Preparing for a family gathering over the holidays. Everyone has something to give-- a good recipe, a cocktail maker, storyteller.. Some people find the holidays stressful but even the hectic parts of the holidays help us bond!
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    over 3 years ago
    ASK QUESTIONS, ASK ADVICE! Sit down and talk to women of different ages in your family/friend circle. Cash in on the wisdom.
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    over 3 years ago
    My mother, myself and my kids all bond over music. Not Justin Bieber persay but other types of music. My kids love my 90's stuff, and I find the newer stuff quite interesting as well. I also love my mothers (oldie goldies) We laugh and dance at these tunes..:D
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    over 3 years ago
    i dont bond good with women. I bond better with men
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    about 3 years ago
    Maybe Justin Bieber is sick, and codependent women want to take care of him. I do what I have to do.
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    over 2 years ago

    What helps me to bond with my mother, aunts, grandmothers, nieces, and grands of all of those, we love to watch a good movie. Whether it is a black and white, modern, comedy, drama, whatever it is, it is always great to compare how times have changed. I ask them (if older) how did you do this or that in your day or vice versa if I am talking to a younger generation.

    As well, cooking is always nice because it is a diverted attention is given and new recipies are tried and shared! 

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    about 2 years ago

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    Talking to my dad and him listening me. Discussing ideas with my mom to figure out things, and learn about how she feels toward the kids, and helping her with them. Taking walks with my biological sister. Doing fun things like dancing and making it a dance party with the kids. Talking to one of my sisters and hearing her life. Doing things for fun with one of my biological sister, and working on accomplishing a similar goal. One of my brothers doing funny things and busting out laughing and goofing off like a little kid, laughing at the people at Halloween Haunted Houses when they try to scare us!!

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