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what should I do with my mood?

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by junetail2012

almost 2 years ago

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I always aesily lose myself.I want to nothing though there being many things wainting for me. Then I will be in bule. I am really tired of this. What should I do? I feel tired, disappointed .
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    Jessica94 replied almost 2 years ago:

    take a vacarion and relax

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    2random replied almost 2 years ago:

    Hi Junetail!

    Hope your spirits have lifted since you wrote this.  Sometimes the blues can make you feel like you are walking through jello and things just aren't worth the effort.  And once you start it becomes a deeper and deeper spiral that you can seem to pull your self out of (mixed metaphor, I know ...)

    I find that when I am feeling like that it helps to do something for someone else.  Serve dinner at a soup kit'chen, help an elderly neighbour, even walking the neighbour's dog.  These things help me to connect with other people and in the end with my self. 

    Be gentle with yourself.  Take a walk in the park and just people watch).  getting out of the house and mild excercise are always a good idea.  Some sunshine is also a plus as vitamin D deficiency is something that can really pull you down.   (make sure you wear sun screenCool) as is a lack of excersize. 

    Above all else show yourself that you care - shower and dress in nice clothes, wear makeup & do your hair.  It will make you feel a bit more alive and ready to face the world. 

    These are all things I do to lift myself up during the long Canadian winter which can be depressing and when I am struggling with on going health & other problems.  Try them -You are worth it!!Smile




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