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What's your daily intention?

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by editorNadia

over 2 years ago

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This week, best-selling author and self-love guru, Gabrielle Bernstein, shared her secrets to loving your body with YouBeauty. She suggests setting a daily intention that is positive and loving to help you achieve your goals. For better body image, you could say something like "I choose to be kind to my body today" or "I choose to value myself today." You can set a daily intention to help you reach any goal! What would your daily intention be? Read the full article here: http://www.youbeauty.com/body-fitness/the-secret-to-loving-your-body
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  • User_2485
    HardAtLurk replied over 2 years ago:
    I am energized today and will walk with confidence and a smile!
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    JennaVeffa replied over 2 years ago:
    I will exercise today because it makes my body, my brain and my skin feel great.
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    islandgirl1 replied over 2 years ago:
    I will stay away from energy sucking people to start out with
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    fromfornia replied over 2 years ago:
    "I choose to live my best life."
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    JazzyJae20 replied about 2 years ago:
    I choose to do things that feel right to me and that includes avoiding the problems and people that tend to suck the life out of me.
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