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im not allowed to see my bestfriend

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about 3 years ago

i've been friends with this girl for nearly 5 years now but two years ago she started dating a boy and she cheated on him 11 times im now going out with that same boy and we've been in a happy relationship for a year but he doesnt let me see my friend because he thinks im going to cheat on him aswell if im with her i understand why he feels this way but shes meeting new people now and were slowly growing further and further apart what should i do?
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    about 3 years ago
    Honey i am not sure how old u are, but i AM 45 years old and let me tell you right now ... I have been exactly wher u r, i was 16 years old when it began!! In my situation and in so so many situations where the relationship begins with him telling you who u can and. CAnnot see you might as well hang a HUGE beware of ( i hv to say possible controlling, abusive man aHead!! That is one of the first signs of A controlling fearful man and trust me.. YOU WILL pay for ur friends mistakes! He is terrified of being hurt Again, but HE cannot separate that fear and betrayal between u and ur friend!! NO MAN WHO TRULY LOVES U!! NO MAN WHO TRULY LOVES U! I must say it twice!!! WILL TELL YOU WHO U CAN AND CANNOT HANG OUT WITH! Now that being said, when you are in a relationship IT IS your responsibility to b respectful to ur sig other! In other words if u hv A friend who goes out aNd gets a little wild, but does not try to drag u into it-she respects ur relationship then he needs to trust you to be a faithfully upright girl! Howevr if ur friend trys to egg u on to go w her to the bars and pick up on guys, then he shouldnt HAVE to tell u to stay away! You shd, out of respect for that man,s tay away from her out of respect for ur relationship! If he is that fearful he in my opinion shd tald to a counselor! My experience with a fearfuL jealOus, controlling man was 8 years of abuse! It started w i love u, i dont want u w ur friends, to a slap, to beatings , til my life and sense of self and strength wasGONE!! It AND GUESS WHO WAS THE CHEATER... Him!! It aLways starts w jealousy a Nd control and i do not know ur boyfriend so i am not accusing him of this !! He may be great however pls research the signs to watch out for on your own! Please! I hope ur relationShip, whoever u decide to be with w b happy andhealthy. TAke CRe- ( comments r my opinion only!!!) good luck to u! Ps. I wud also question the character of someone who commits to a relationship and a Promise and then cheats 11 TIMES!! im not sure i wd want to call someone like that my friend-surround urself w people who hv good character!!
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