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love triangle

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by DaiDai33

about 2 years ago

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ok now im in a normal type relationship with my boyfriend like we fight but at the end of the day we talk it out and its always an i love u at the end of the night so my ex boyfriend just told me that he wants me back and his love never stopped for me but this boy was the father of my first child b4 i had a miscarriage and we been together for 2 years i dont know wat to do
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    beautiful lily replied almost 2 years ago:
    well, sounds like the guys you are with is pretty special because even though you have had a miscarriage and he is still with you and you guys fight and at the end of the day he tells you he loves you. thats pretty special. your ex boyfriend may have loved you but think of who has been there for you.
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    momnky replied almost 2 years ago:
    You should sit down and weigh the pros and cons of each of the guys before making a choice on who you want to spend your life with. if you have children, Think about thier needs and who would be a better dad in the long run, consider everything from income and emotional support. Some exes do feel resentful and try to come back once they realize that a break up was the wrong choice. I wish luck sweety and hope you find the happiness that you deserve :)
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