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Men and their ways.

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by ab10298

over 2 years ago

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Men refuse to understand that women want to be treated a certain way.
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    ojo replied over 2 years ago:
    amen sister!
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    Tene replied over 2 years ago:
    If a man does not treat you how you want or need to be treated, it's simple. .. Leave him and find someone else that get's you. Most of the time, we expect people to act how we want them to act, and do what we want them to do. It does not work like that. We must accept people for who they are and expect the same from them. We can't get caught wasting our time on a hope and a wish....We got to keep it moving. Believe me, there are plenty of men in this world and some of them will trear you exactly how you expect to b treated. If your not married, date, date and date some more. It's good for you and it gives you a better understanding of hw men operate.
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    Happimtn replied over 2 years ago:
    We as women and men being men will never be able to treat the other sex as what the other expects...we are just not made that way. Sometimes we get it right and sometimes not. But when its completly wrong each of us has to communicate that to the other. The trick is finding that someone that each is compatable with the other....there are people on both sex's that will run all over the other...first sign RUN!
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    Royking replied over 2 years ago:
    men _specially young boys_only think about themselves.even during the sex they only want to have orgasms they don't care about us.they try to show they do but they don't.u just have to search carefully and find a gentelman who is so perfect no matter he is ugly or no.he can find u to find ur fire . Roya
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    True Beauty replied over 2 years ago:
    That is so TRUE!!!!
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    Harmony jones replied over 2 years ago:
    For real gurl they just dont understand.............
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    rstahley replied over 2 years ago:
    Some men, not all.
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    smiley25 replied over 2 years ago:
    why do men lead women on and feel that they want a relationship and then when it comes they back away and they completley ignore you as your a nobody. I had opend myself up and even though I have a boyfriend that his friend and i had a special time with each other for an hour and went out a few times and now its like nothing happend. I had a strong feeling for this person and I want to know if he has feelings for me too or is it a thing of the past. example : had lunch together, had a soda together, a movie, made lunch and finally a back rub to each other and gave him a gift from my trip that i had taken when i was gone. Help i would need answers as i am confused and love both guys.
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    kochj replied over 2 years ago:
    I find that this generation of men do not have a clue on how to treat women. This stems from the fact that most men in this generation grew up without a stable father figure. They were never taught how to be real men. They base their value on materialism, jobs, attractive significant others. The days of opening doors, flowers, and kindness are obscure to them. How is it that you wanted to be treated?
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    murmu replied over 2 years ago:
    Yeah but it's hard if you love that person and they don't love you, you can't just forget them like that! It takes time and it it also hurts.
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    Bree18 replied over 2 years ago:
    Yes you are so right about that.
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    queen556 replied over 2 years ago:
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    ChuckMac1 replied about 2 years ago:
    Listen Ladies.....we've got to stop saying "men do this, men do that..." It's the individuals that we choose that treat us a certain way...it's not all. I just took (I'm a guy) "Are you satisified with your sex life" quiz and because it was geared toward women, the result told me that "I was not fully satisified because men don't usually know what we want." But I'm the guy.....my partner (wife) is a woman. So what does that tell us? As far as men not treating women a certain way, I think it does have something to do with now women today want to be viewed. I've held the door for a woman at my work place....she fllipped! "I'm a nuclear engineer! I don't need a man to hold a door for me!" So OK.....I'll treat you like a dude! My wife works. Actually right now she's supporting the family. I've been laid off and am now attending University. But guess what? I still open doors for her, help her with her coat, etc. Sounds out dated? But that's my way of showing her (cuz words are cheap) "You're a cut above the rest in my book. You recieve special treatment because YOU'RE the woman I chose to spend the rest of my life with." Has nothing to do with the woman being weak or less than. Let men be men. Naturally men "protect" what they cherish. Look at how a young boy treats his first car!! Gently and with care.
  • User_269729
    strawberryblue replied about 2 years ago:
    What does that mean? Men? As is all men? Women is in reference to all women as well? What way do "we" want to be treated exactly? How are men refusing? What is the world coming to? I NEED ANSWERS!!!
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    Cycy23 replied about 2 years ago:
    Many men honor the way a woman wants to be treated. This is a very generalized statement, and generalizations are almost always wrong b/c you are including an entire gender in your suggestion, and there are always exceptions. Obviously you've been burnt by a man or more than one man, but this only means that you haven't met the right one yet. There IS a man out there that will treat you JUST the way you want to be treated--the dilemma is getting to him & not settling for a guy who treats you less than you deserve in the meantime b/c what if Mr. Right comes along, and you are wrapped up in Mr. Wrong. See it for what it is, a man who doesn't treat you the 'certain' way you want to be treated--and I'm assuming you've told said guy how you expect to be treated--if he still doesn't treat you that way, then he's just not the guy for you. He doesn't really respect you no matter what he says. Find the guy who does, and don't settle beforehand. I wasted way too much time with guys who just weren't worth it b/c I thought all guys were like that and it didn't get any better. Wrong wrong and wrong.
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    twinkle face replied about 2 years ago:
    Men only do what we let them do................................and the same for women If you let him walk over you and mistreat you he will................. And a woman will do the same to a man...........................
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    greathoneybear replied about 2 years ago:
    I wish I would have done this a long time ago. I wouldn't have been hurt like I am now. I expected too much from him. Like you said, when you love someone it is hard to leave. Now I know I deserved better. Thankfully, I have met someone who treats me the way I deserve to be treated. It will just take me time to heal from the pain.
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    noahnunu replied about 2 years ago:
    men can also be very special about the way they do things. right now i am in a flirting relationship with this boy i really like and i am so confused on whether or not he is going to ask me out. i just want him to, i have been waiting for like forever....
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    twinkle face replied about 2 years ago:
    Is he flirting back with you?
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    RushLila replied about 2 years ago:
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    accutepill5 replied almost 2 years ago:
    i do not know but i think when we the woman are confused of a men likin us i because they dont, or is because they think that they are the ones that are the good ones...
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    aquamarine1960 replied almost 2 years ago:
    Well said.
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    aquamarine1960 replied almost 2 years ago:
    Well said.
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    Vibrant Life replied over 1 year ago:

    "Men refuse to understand that women want to be treated a certain way."

    Which certain way is that?  Do women want to be treated like independent men or like dependent women?

    Get straight answers, before we judge the opposite sex.   

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