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Mood swings

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almost 3 years ago

Recently (a few months) ive been having REALLY bad mood swings. And i mean i literally rage sometimes for no reason at all. Im 16 and i spoke to my mum about it and she said its normal for teenagers bla bla but i really believe its not normal at all. This also affects my relationship the most. We've been together for about 9 months now and everything was good untill i started geting them, like in one evening i once went through all moods possible. Most of the time anything he does wrong makes me really angry or really upset and i find it really hard to express my feelings. I dont know if its him that maybe affects me in this way or im a psyho ad just taking my anger out on him. Do i need some sort of special help or something??? Thanks for reading i hope someone replies :(
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  • User_7634
    almost 3 years ago
    Hi dupenka, , I read your entry I'm really sorry for you I had the same thing happen to me when I was your age but my mom said the same thing, but mood swings are nothing to sweep under the rug, they are feeling of anger and being upset when no one seems to understand, later in life it still bothers me that they tell young people its just a fase. or you will grow out of it, please find someone that will listen, don't give up.
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    over 1 year ago
    mood swings are norfor oymal . but not only are they hard for you- they're hard
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