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My sexuality

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almost 3 years ago

My parents just found out that im bisexual my stepdad is ok with it and he told me he loves me but my mom yelled at me saying i dont know what im talkin about and she said your not even 18 your just confused, but im completely sure. I have already talked to my school counseler and she said to give my mom a couple days, but it just hurt so much to know that the woman who gave birth to me couldnt even accept that. What do i do about this situtation?
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    almost 3 years ago

    Ask her to sit down with you and tell her that it is u who u r talking about. not her! if she tries to argue, listen to her, them make a few points about why u like being bisexual. Chances r, she'll be understanding.

    If that doesn't work, u still hav ur dad!

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    almost 3 years ago

    The most important thing to remember is that your mother is still your mother and she loves you. Our parents don't always agree in the paths we chose to walk and the choices we make and there is nothing wrong with that, its what makes us ourselves. Anything like this would take some time especially if its sudden. For example a child first hearing that their parents are getting a divorce is something hard to except at first, it takes time to grow to terms with it. So i'm sure she'll come around sometime just give it some time. I hope this helps.

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