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what is too much?

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about 3 years ago

i am 16, and my boyfriend is 17 and we`ve been dating for 2 months now, and we feel like we`re in love. But within the first week of dating we had sex at a party and now every time we see eachother we have sex atleast 3-4 times in new possitions or in a different parts of the house from his room, the downstairs bathroom, hot tub, shower, laundry room you name it. My friends say that it`s too soon to be having sex and we`re having too much sex for 16/17 year olds and that we should slow down, and i just say that they dont understand but im not sure what to think. I want to continue to have sex, maybe slow down a bit but i just want some outside advice on what i should do.
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    about 3 years ago
    you did not mention if there is any protection being used when having sex. If not, I would suggest you start, giving the amount of sex you all are having. Not only for STD's but to also prevent from having a baby. Secondly, you indicate you FEEL LIKE you all are in love. If there is a question about being in love or not and at your age sex should be out of the question. There is a difference between having sex and making love. Having sex 3 or 4 times in new positions is not abnormal. If you want to slow down on having sex so you can think about things then that is your decision and you should not be talked into have sex when you do not want to. At 16 and 17 years old you may be mature for your ages but not mature enough to handle the effects of having a child. You are both young and have plenty of time to enjoy your sex lives
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    about 3 years ago
    Take your time.
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    about 3 years ago
    you do not want him to get tired of you slow down and learn how to wait make him wait a little talk more do something that niether one of you has ever done before discover together learn from eachother learn together and in the end if you are still together all the sex will be all worth it
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    drama mama g
    almost 3 years ago
    I would suggest you consider your motives. Sex outside of marriage is wrong and sin in the eyes of God. Secondly there is a fine line between love and lust. If he loves you, and you never would have had sex at all, he would stay with you. Try this. tell him you've decided to wait until marriage for anymore sex, see what he does, if he sticks around then maybe he does love you, if he doesn't then I would really worry. Guys at this age are at there peak in sexuality and often confuse lust with love. He's not going to tell you its lust cause every girl desires love. Sex doesn't solve anything, and later you may find that this is unfullfilling because it does not always promote love. Think about it.
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    over 2 years ago

    i think u should slowwwwwwwwwww down i bit your tooooooo young and even so if your yousin portection somethin can go wrong and u can get pregnat and you will be 16 and pregnat like thos girls on tv and u may think tht your bf will be thier for u but he may just leave u alone adn i may just be have sex whith just for fun he may not even like u at all

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