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Wrinkles for Your Hair: The Aging Cycle You Don’t Think About

When you think “aging,” wrinkles probably come to mind. Few people think about how or if hair ages, but it does. No, you don’t...

These Ingredients Actually Target Wrinkles

The best way to shop for skin care products is to have a specific concern you want to tackle in mind. If you want...

Fight Wrinkles By Eating More Soy

Soy may smooth out your complexion.

Wrinkle Squasher

Butternut squash fights wrinkles.

It takes this long for wrinkle cream to work…

It takes at least 28 days to start seeing results from anti-aging skincare products.

Young Women Don’t Know Enough About Wrinkle Prevention

When you're in your 20s, there's still a constant nagging worry about breakouts, but as you head into your 30s, those worries transform from breakouts...

Fight Wrinkles With Soy

Soy may smooth out your complexion.

What Do I Do About Chest Wrinkles?

We normally think of crow’s feet and forehead lines when we think of age-revealing wrinkles, and seldom consider lines developing on our chests. Until the...

How to Get Rid of Wrinkles in 20 Minutes (or Less!)

You wear sunscreen religiously. You moisturize like it's your job. And still, you see wrinkles appearing on your face — around your eyes, above your lips, everywhere!  Although...

Sleep Wrinkles 101

Learn how to get rid of these avoidable wrinkles.