Avocado Power

Good news for avocado fans! (And really, who isn’t one?) A study published in Nutrition Journal found that including half an avocado in their midday meal made participants feel more satisfied and less hungry three hours after lunch. Adding half an avocado to a regular lunch kept those satiating effects going for another two hours. It could be the extra 112 calories, the researchers note. But with the healthy fats, antioxidant polyphenols and fiber that come along with them, it might be a caloric investment worth making.

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  • akiyiaglenn@hotmail.com

    I Keep Seeing a lot of things on Avocados.
    I am going to go out and buy some now.
    Thanks for the Post!

  • Kari

    I enjoy avocados with cracked black pepper, olive oil, a squeeze of lime juice and sea salt!