Dining Tricks

We’re often completely unaware of the factors that heavily influence our decisions about food. The latest evidence: According to research out of Cornell, softer lighting and softer music in a fast-food restaurant can guide us to eat less—and enjoy it more.

It’s an important finding for fast-food chains, but could be a good clue for at-home dining, too. Give it a try: Does lighting a candle and putting on some soft piano music, help you find more satisfaction at the dinner table? Try it tonight.

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  • bethbetty

    Yes, faster music is often used to rush people out of a restaurant, while relaxing music (perhaps piano or New Age) enhances relaxation, lingering and better digestion! At home, look on Spotify for music by Michael Whalen, Fiona Joy Hawkins, FLOW, Peter Calandra, Jennifer DeFrayne, Erik Scott, David Wahler, Lawrence Blatt (mellow guitar) or search @SoundsfromtheCircle for a mix.