Puppy Love

We’ve all experienced moments where our pet has been more than a pet. There’s a reason dogs are known as man’s best friend. Today over 60 percent of Americans have pets—77 million dogs, 93 million cats, and many other creatures are part of the $45 billion dollar pet industry. You can’t put a price on the happiness a pet provides, according to a new recently published study. In trials conducted studying pets within the family, psychologists found that they were viewed as family members, and that pet owners were reaping the same multiple beauty benefits that sleep, healthy eating, and exercise can offer. While anthropomorphizing your pet can decrease your benefits, overall, owning a pet is a net positive. It allows its owner to live a healthy lifestyle and helps him or her to open up to deeper, more meaningful relationships. So give your pooch an extra pat today, and if you’ve been debating a visit to pet store, get up and go!

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  • TheresaKP

    Rather than visiting a pet store, where many pets are aquired from puppy mills, please visit a rescue, shelter or go with a responsible breeder.

  • GoTeamNZ

    People are always saying get a rescue dog. But they never mention a lot of the behavioural issues that come with rescue dogs. In my experience training a dog from a puppy is the best option. Just always ask to meet the parents, if they’re happy, healthy and loved you’re good to go 🙂

    • Janet Caruana

      They often just need consistency and no more extra training than a puppy. It’s rare that a dog is not able to be trained. It takes patience and love like anything else. Do try a a local pet shelter first. There are soooo many pets that need forever homes!

      • GoTeamNZ

        I have 2 dogs. One is a rescue. One we had from a pup. From my own experience I found it a lot easier to train a puppy than to train an adult dog with emotional issues. That’s just my experience. I love my girl to death and she is heaps better than when we first got her but like people we can’t just wave a magic wand and make all difficult traits disappear.

  • Strawberry Curl

    We were fortunate to adopt our dog from the HART Foundation. He is a black lab/border collie mix, and I cannot imagine life without him. I grew up with a purebred Siberian Husky, and our rescue dog is just smarter, much better behaved, and more loyal than the dog my parents purchased from a breeder, papers and all. There are plenty of puppies that need to be rescued as well if you are concerned about training etc.