Running and Your Period

If you’re a runner, you might not realize that your period can affect how you train. Progesterone, which is highest around days 20-22 of a 28-day cycle, increases water retention and body temperature, so running outside on a hot day at that time of the month isn’t the best idea.

Estrogen, on the other hand, helps us break down fat, delaying that “hitting the wall” sensation and helping us burn more calories. Estrogen levels are highest on about days 14-15 of a 28-day cycle, so this is a great time for a long run.

Being attuned to your body’s fluctuations can go a long way!

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  • Marina Cabrera

    Ok I’m so fired at being a woman, LOL but from what day do I start counting the 1st day if the 28 day cycle? Do I begin counting my 1st day on the 1st day of my period or do I start counting the 1st day of the cycles starting the last day of my period?