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You’re Probably Not an Introvert Or Extrovert

"Ambiverts" make up around 40-68 percent of the population.

The B.O. Gene

Two percent of women have a rare gene that prevents underarm odor.

Bust Bad Breath

Drinking milk prevents garlic breath.

Do Good and Help Yourself

Charitable givers tend to be healthier.

Baby’s First Bacteria

Babies delivered by C-section have different gut bacteria than those born vaginally.

Avoid DIY Cleansing Oils

DIY cleansing oils can cause cystic acne.

Massage Your Scars

Massaging a scar can help it fade.

Coffee Is a Confidence Booster

Coffee can boost your performance-and your confidence.

A Glass of Melatonin Before Bed?

Red wine actually might make you more tired than white wine.

The Beauty Benefits of Ovulation

You're most attractive to men during ovulation.