Violet Owens


Hair Growth and Age: What’s Going On?

Ever wonder why the older you get, the harder it seems to grow your hair past shoulder-length? Here's the latest research on why that is and what you can do to get growing.

Beyonce’s Style Evolution

The former Destiny’s Child singer’s star has risen to the point where she's known by just one name. (Her last name is Knowles, for...

Anne Hathaway’s Style Evolution

Come Christmas Day, you’d better believe we’ll be shoveling popcorn in our mouths while watching "Les Miserables," arguably the holiday season’s most eagerly-anticipated movie....

Cate Blanchett’s Style Evolution

While “The Hobbit” star is arguably the most elegant and statuesque in all of Hollywood, even she had a wobbly rise. Witness her gorgeous...

Claire Danes’ Style Evolution

1997 Fresh off the success of her cult-followed TV show, “My So Called Life,” the actress epitomizes late-90s grunge style. That said, er, red eye...

Keira Knightley’s Style Evolution

2003 Um, wow, just wow. Back in 2003, Knightley had abs of steel, and wasn’t afraid to use them. However, we’re guessing she didn’t get...

Halle Berry’s Style Evolution

Our style evolution begins back in 2000 at the MTV Movie Awards, where it’s not just Berry’s midriff that’s exposed. The new star’s body...

Southern Comfort

Is vaginal rejuvenation the new nose job? The practice is booming and women say it gives them sexual confidence. Here's what's up, down there.

Mane Attraction

Does it feel like all your good hair days are behind you? Here's how to preserve, protect and prevent maturing strands from showing your age.

If You Could Turn Back Time

Antioxidant-enthused companies promote them as anti-aging miracles, but are the promises scientifically sound-or shams?