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Your All-Day Energy Meal Plan

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A nationwide outbreak of food poisoning caused by a parasite has been traced to a prepackaged salad mix. How can you be sure your produce is untainted?

Things Are Big Now

To say that we are a Supersized nation is an understatement. We all know that most things food-related—from our serving sizes to our farm...

Why the Breast Cancer Gene Test Costs So Much

News of Angelina Jolie's double mastectomy did not tell the full story. Only one company offers breast cancer gene testing, because they own the patent on two important breast cancer genes.

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Hitting the gym (again) may work just as well as getting a massage for sore muscle relief.

The Best Breakfast to Curb Cravings

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What’s the Big Deal With Ben Affleck Working On His Marriage?

We should be patting Affleck on the back for his dedication rather than questioning whether his marriage is in trouble.