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Co-Washing: Is It Really OK to Stop Sudsing Up Your Hair?

Cleansing with just conditioner? The trend-long popular among women with naturally thick, curly, or coarse strands-is becoming mainstream, thanks to several new products designed for all hair types.

14 Ways Coconut Oil Will Make Your Life Better

Coconut oil has emerged as a natural ingredient obsession—we've spied little jars in bathrooms and kitchens all across this great country of ours. But...

Kale Skincare Is a Thing Now

Guess that was inevitable, right?

5 Farm-to-Face Beauty Recipes

“A decade ago, it was really hard to find quality green products in the beauty aisles,” says NiteSpa owner Julia Martin. “But I had a background...

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In an effort to get lashes like Liz, we got the inside scoop on new LashDip.

L.A.’s New Skincare-Meets-Juice-Cleanse Delivery Service (Available Nationwide!)

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Skin Bars: The New Blow Dry Bars

What blowout bars did for styling, new pop-in skin clinics are bringing quick treatments to the masses.

Ayurvedic Skincare

Pratima Spa At this full-service New York City spa and wellness center, clients can address every skincare concern—from anti-aging to eczema—with the help of founder...

Ayurvedic Skincare: A Beginner’s Guide

The ancient healing practice offers a holistic approach to combating common skin and health conditions. Here's your guide on where to start.

Summer 2013: What’s New in Nails?

Ever since smart phones replaced handbags as the “It” accessory, nails have gotten their fair share of the limelight. (Chalk it up to all...