Melissa Milrad Goldstein


Volume Control

Research shows that as we age lips begin to thin and droop. But do we have to grin and bear it?

We Tried It: Frizz Busters

We try eight hot hair products to see what really works.

Dry Skin Solutions Beyond Body Lotion

Body Wash Cleansing detergents that sweep away dirt and oils can dry out skin in the process.  Ingredients such as stearic acid, glycerin and soybean...

Soften Skin without Body Lotion. It’s Possible!

Feeling a little lazy? Swap out your body cream for a multi-tasking moisturizer.

Best Hairsprays for Every Style

Anti-Humidity A mix of argan oil and coconut extract to nourish strands while forming a barrier against humidity (they claim it reduces frizz by 87...

Hairspray is Back!

If this hair fixative makes you think of sky-high styles and crunchy coifs it's time to revisit that classic.

Faking Perfect Skin with Makeup

Hide slight imperfections and fake flawless skin in a few strokes of a makeup brush.

Makeup For Faking Perfect Skin

QUIZ: Are You Satisfied With Your Face? This season’s gorgeous peaches, nudes, bronzes and pinks can help you get a bright, youthful complexion—gobs of makeup...