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Feeling Younger Can Make You Look It

Feeling younger can make you look it.

Rapidly Cutting Sodium Can Be Unhealthy

Rapidly cutting sodium can be unhealthy.

Scientists May Soon Be Able To Read Your Mind

Scientists may soon be able to read your mind.

Eat Your Way To a Healthy Glow

Eat your way to a healthy glow.

Cut Sodium to De-Puff Your Peepers

Cut sodium to de-puff your peepers.

Zinc and Low-Glycemic Foods May Help Acne

Zinc and low-glycemic foods may help acne.

The Right Nutrients Promise Longer, Stronger Nails

The right nutrients promise longer, stronger nails.

Sound Influences Your Perception of Taste

Sound influences your perception of taste.

Don’t Let Your Stress Show

Are you a worrier? Worry can do more than wreak havoc on your mental state; it's also bad for beauty.

Hand Sanitizers Are Handy, But May Not Be So Healthy

Your hand sanitizer's handy, but is it healthier than hand washing?