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Time To Think Outside This Stereotype

Though women have come along way since winning the right to vote a little over 90 years ago (yeah, it really was that recent!),...

Pick Your Pregnancy

Can you defy the odds? Though the sex of a child seems random, it may all boil down to natural selection. A recent hypothesis believed that...

Give More Hugs To Stay Happy

Go on, hug it out. Research says you'll be happier for it.

Dehydration Can Ruin Your Mood

Tired? Confused? Crabby? Maybe you're just thirsty.

Pupil Size Holds Clues To The Mind

Look closely, a person's pupil size indicates their interest level.

Switch to Calorie-Free Drinks to Lose Weight

Swapping caloric drinks for water helps to shed pounds.

Stop Thinking of Time As Money

Adhering to the mantra "time is money" can actually hurt your happiness.

Your Last Piece of Chocolate Tastes Better Than Your First

Knowing a chocolate was "the last one" made subjects enjoy it even more.

Those Spa Treatments Pamper Your Wellbeing, Too

Those spa treatments help your wellbeing, too.

Feeling Younger Can Make You Look It

Feeling younger can make you look it.