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DIY Mixology: 6 Cocktail Recipes With Bitters

The HerbalistServes 1 Ingredients: 1/2-inch cucumber round, chopped into chunks 2 fresh sage leaves 1/4 oz honey syrup* 4 dashes Urban Moonshine chamomile bitters 1 ¾ oz gin 1 lime round,...

Bitters: The Healthy Boost of Flavor Your Cocktails Are Missing

These bittersweet concoctions not only up the cool quotient of your cocktails, but they also improve digestion and much more.

Cooking With Green Tea Powder: 5 Antioxidant-Rich Recipes

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A New Pill Could Cure Your Seasonal Allergies Forever

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Are We TOO Afraid of Chemicals?

It's easy to get freaked out about chemicals and wish for a "chemical-free" planet-until you understand what chemicals really are.