If you haven’t quite mastered your skincare goals yet, the new year is a new opportunity to build better habits. This year, taking your skincare routine seriously shouldn’t just be your resolution, it should be your ritual. These 12 skincare tips should be in everyone’s skincare arsenal for that effortlessly glowing skin. These tips will have you saying ‘what filter’ on all your posts.

  1. Exfoliate: Once a week, remove the dead skin and dirt from your skin by exfoliating. It reveals fresh new skin and encourages cell turnover.
  2. Cleanse: Your skin gets dirty, and the accumulation of this dirt can cause breakouts, acne, and other skin conditions. Always cleanse your skin at least once a day. Most skincare addicts opt to do it in the morning and evening.
  3. Tone: After cleansing, your skin needs to restore the lost nutrients, and using a toner will help you with that.
  4. Moisturize: You can’t have dry skin this year. Using a moisturizer will keep your skin nourished and supple. This is especially important if you live in dry weather.
  5. Ditch your wipes for cleansing balms: If you wear makeup, then wipes shouldn’t be your go-to, at least not anymore. They can be abrasive on the skin. A cleansing balm is your best option.
  6. The one-minute rule: Don’t be in a rush to apply your products, especially your cleansers. Take a good minute to massage your face with the cleanser before washing off.
  7. SPF: Apart from illuminating your radiant skin, the sun isn’t your friend, so cover-up with SPF.
  8. Invest in Vitamins: Go for products that have vitamin C or E as they’re great for skin- brightening and anti-aging.
  9. Period skin can be checked: Your skin doesn’t have to go completely bad when you’re on your period. Face masks can help balance the skin’s pH and oils.
  10. Steam: Steaming your skin opens your pores. That way, the products you use can be absorbed better. Steam to give your products an ability to penetrate deeper.
  11. Hydrating masks: These masks are great for long plane rides or whenever you need extra moisture.
  12. Pillowcases should be cleaned often: Your face rests on your pillow, and you cannot afford to have it dirty because that can stir breakouts.

How you care for your skin is evident in its appearance. It’s very simple. Do you want radiant, glowing, dewy, and supple skin? If yes, then make skincare a priority in your life. With a little consistency, these tips will get you down the road to results in no time.