While beauty trends are constantly changing, the demands for looking young is always at the forefront of beauty innovation. The skin is the first major organ to age, or at least, it’s the first part of you someone else may notice aging effects on.

You might want to consider what’s causing your skin to age, especially when you’re younger than you appear. This piece is highlighting five factors that speed up aging and how you can put a halt on that sped-up timeline

Lifestyle choices

Smoking and drinking aren’t just detrimental to health; they’re a significant skin aging catalyst. The face bears all the signs of fine lines, wrinkles, and discoloration caused by smoking and drinking. To look young, the skin needs collagen, elastin, hydration, and of course, oxygen. Smoking and drinking deprive the face of all these and leaves behind parched, discolored, saggy, and veiny skin. To look young, you need to treat your body with love and respect. Lifestyle choices play a big role in the aging process.


Atmospheric elements like sunlight accelerate the aging process. Yes, sunlight gives your body much-needed vitamin D, but when the twenty-minute mark passes, the damage of UV rays sets in and creates wrinkles and fine lines. Solution: Always wear sunblock, even when indoors.


We’re all looking for the elusive 5-pound weight loss. However, the thinner you are, the more your skin suffers. Lean and angular bone structures tend to be more prone to wrinkles and thinner skin. In the same weight, too much weight might cause health problems, which further age the skin. Staying within a healthy weight range for your height, exercising, and eating healthy ensures your skin ages in a healthy manner as well.


It’s no shocker that stress ages the skin. From forehead wrinkles to smile lines, dark circles, and thin skin, stress is terrible on the skin. Try not to overwork or overthink, rest more, sleep 8 hours/day, and stop being skeptical about self-care.


The mind contributes to the aging process since anger, resentment, and even sadness show up as fine lines through expression. Smile more, keep your mind happy, and watch aging take a backseat in your life.