Many use foundations as the perfect starting point of their make-up routine, but finding the ideal product that is also vegan-friendly can be difficult. From full coverage to a dewy look, here are five tried and tested vegan-friendly foundations. There is sure to be something for everyone.

Charlotte Tilbury – Magic Foundation
The beautiful Charlotte Tilbury launched her make-up line some time ago, and her ‘Magic Foundation’ is a best seller the world over. With hyaluronic acid to plump the skin and vitamin C to improve hydration, it’s easy to see why this is so popular. This foundation builds to give as much coverage as needed but still feels light on the skin–so much so that it feels as though you’re wearing nothing! If a dewy look is the desired outcome, give this a go.

E.L.F – Acne Fighting Foundation
Struggling to find a vegan-friendly foundation that works with acne-prone skin can feel impossible task, but look no further. Budget brand E.L.F’s ‘Acne Fighting Foundation’ works with the skin to cover redness and spots. With its soothing formula, including hazel and tea tree oil, this foundation goes one step further than just providing flawless coverage.

KvD – Lock-It In Foundation
Kat Von D is a goddess among vegans, with her wide range of amazing vegan-friendly products. Her ‘Lock It In Foundation’ is no different. This long-lasting, full coverage product caters to many different skin tones, so there is sure to be a color to suit.

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Stick Foundation
Having the perfect foundation that is easy to top up throughout the day is a godsend, and ‘Stick Foundation’ by Anastasia Beverly Hills is the ideal addition to any handbag. This foundation offers full to medium coverage and goes far with only a few dabs for the required look. The stick form allows for easy application for those top-ups on the go. Fantastic for the busy vegan among us.

Nu Evolution – Complete Coverage Foundation
Using 100% organic ingredients, there are no hidden nasties in Nu’s ‘Evolution Foundation.’ It can often be challenging to find a foundation that gives full coverage when having sensitive skin. Still, this foundation is more than up to the task–suited even to those who have irritable skin.

With the foundation being the starting point of most beauty looks, it is vital to get the make-up base on point. From full coverage and sensitive skin to the light and dewy look, there is an option for everyone without harming a single animal. It’s a win-win situation.