Having gorgeous nails is a goal for many, but finding a vegan-friendly polish can be a minefield. Whether it’s beautiful bold colors or pretty pastels, here are five vegan-friendly nail polishes suitable for everyone looking to make a change. Your nail goals are within reach.

Zoya’s nail polishes fall into the budget category, but don’t let the low price tag fool you. With more than 300 colors on offer, there are a considerable amount of possibilities with this brand. A small price means more polishes can be bought and all without harming any animals. This brand is one to watch and stock up on.

Pacifica offers vegan-friendly varnishes to its customers. Additionally, this brand is 100% vegan with all the other products it offers. If investing in a brand that carries vegan ethics throughout their entire line is essential, then this is one to add to the ‘must-have’ list. Perfect for the vegan who is looking for a company that offers it all.

Butter London
Butter London boasts of more than 100 colors in its nail polish range. Lasting up to 10 days without chipping these polishes’ added bonus is that no bottom or topcoat is required, saving some time for the vegan with limited time on their hands. Excellent for the vegan on the go.

UK based brand, Nailberry, is vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and halal-certified, ticking off many boxes. There are more than 50 shades on offer, which can last chip-free up to four days. The broad applicator brush allows a hassle-free application in one swoop of the nail. Handy for those with shaky hands.

While the bottles of polish produced by Benecos are smaller than standard, 5 ml to be precise, more colors can be bought and tried without investing in the one larger bottle. Loaded with biotin and avocado oil, this polish strengthens and nourishes the nail. Ideal if your nails are not in the best of shape.

Our nails often express who we are, and some can feel naked without having the perfect polish on their nails. With this wide range of vegan-friendly nail polishes, there is sure to be an option for everyone. Whether it’s a nourishing polish or a wide range of colors, these ethically produced products will make every vegan weep with joy; beautiful nails without harming our furry friends.