We all love looking our absolute best every day. Wearing makeup helps us look younger, prettier, and more awake. But between all the lashes, primers, and the time and money-draining routine, our skin ends up suffering at the end of the day.

Cutting out makeup might be the best idea for your skin, and here are six reasons why:

Less visible pores
Every time you wear your favorite foundation, bronzer or blush, there are tiny little particles that clog your pores little by little. You may be washing your face twice a day and removing your makeup, but some of those particles still manage to stick there and accumulate. Over time you notice blackheads and whiteheads appearing, making your pores look larger. While there’s not much you can do to minimize the size of your pores, going makeup-free will reduce their appearance because there will be less product build-up to clog them.

No more breakouts
No matter how careful you are, there will always be germs and bacteria in your makeup. Whether you use your hands to apply or brushes and sponges, chances are they are “dirty” and full of germs. Even if you clean them regularly, it still won’t be enough unless your sanitize them after every use. That’s relatively unrealistic for the majority of us.

Additionally, we occasionally use makeup products that are past their expiration dates without knowing. So these germs cause inflammation on your skin, which results in breakouts. You will end up trying to cover with more makeup, leading to a vicious cycle of causing further skin irritations.

Your eyelashes will grow thicker and healthier
When you use mascara or eye shadow, it can clog up your hair follicles and cause irritations. Your eye area is susceptible to skin irritations. So when you use less mascara or eyeliner, you’re giving your eyelashes a chance to breathe and grow longer and thicker. Apply some Vaseline or castor oil before bed, and you won’t even need to use mascara ever again!

No more dry, flaky skin
Makeup products are the biggest causes of skin problems after hormones and genetics. Makeup messes with your skin’s natural production and healing process, which causes skin dryness and flakiness.

Not using makeup allows your skin to breathe and rejuvenate, meaning there will be no nasty, germy residue left to interrupt the production of new skin cells. That leaves you with a face that’s naturally more glowy and hydrated.

Fewer wrinkles…. Yay!
That same makeup you’re using to cover up your fine lines and wrinkles is the same one causing them, or at least worsening the situation.

When you allow your skin to be free and away from any harmful chemicals, you will most likely age slower and look a lot younger than you think. Focus on consuming foods rich in collagen and stay away from the sun or use protection. You’ll be surprised at how good your skin will react.

Less skin irritation
Between all the germs and the clogged pores, your skin will overall feel brighter, clearer, and healthier when you detox yourself from makeup products.

Parabens, sulfates, and other metals are all compounds found in most makeup products that are very known for causing skin irritations and allergies. By going makeup-free, you will start noticing fewer skin irritations, dry patches, and blemishes.