Women all over the globe have been passing down their best kept beauty secrets for centuries. From aloe vera gel to petroleum jelly, there are many beauty “holy grails” women in different countries swear by.

Huffington Post in conjunction with CoverGirl cosmetics spoke to eleven women from around the world about their most sacred beauty secrets.  Check out seven of those women below starting off with recipe developer and food blogger, Ericka Sanchez from Mexico.

  1. Ericka Sanchez: Mexico

She has the perfect anecdote for a smooth complexion – fresh aloe vera gel. She keeps a fresh aloe vera plant in her home and uses the gel from the leaves to create a daily mask. After 15 minutes, rinse it off with warm water.  

  1. Lorraine C. Ladish: Spain

Her best kept secret seems pretty simple – plenty of sleep. She ensures to get eight hours or more every night.

  1. Lira: South Africa

Growing up under the intense African sun meant it was important to keep skin hydrated. She regularly uses a concoction of Vaseline, glycerin, cocoa butter and Bio-Oil.

  1. Yvette Marquez: United States

What’s her secret? Remove makeup every night, moisturize daily, drink plenty of water and wear sunscreen. Pay close attention to the chest and hands too.

  1. Nancie Mwai: Kenya

She swears by a secret her mom passed on to her. Use a type of petroleum jelly used for milking cows called Aramis.

  1. Tamara Al Gabbani: United Arab Emirates

Ever since she was a little girl, she says her mother would never let them outside without wearing sunblock. She also swears by mini facials and regular moisturizer.

  1. Sonya Esman: Russia

She says her mother would get oxygen facials every month.

These beauty secrets may be worth a try. But what about you? What timeles

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