Is there anyone you trust more than Vogue for the low down on natural beauty products that really, really work? Vogue editors put together a list of their personal favorites from the myriad of eco-friendly offerings flooding the market. They swear you will find these chic little bottles on their vanity counters and in their backpacks. Perusing their list is like having a favorite girlfriend urge you to try her latest discovery. For healthy, happy and natural beauty suggestions, read on:

Serum Gold Standard
If you haven’t quite reached the time when you feel the need for some needle work, there’s a natural serum that relaxes, fill and plumps your face. The Tata Harper Elixir Vitae pricetag of $380 may make you gasp, but a Vogue editor swears by it.

Oils for the Body, Face and Hair
Vogue editors love oils in many forms: Small batched, petal infused, misted. Try these: Liha Idan Oil ($23) is a luxurious coconut oil infused with the scent of tuberose reminiscent of spring. Find it at Liha Beauty. An after-shower indulgence is Butter Elixir Body and Hair Oil ($78) made with almond, argan, lavender, and chamomile. The Citrine Body Oil ($44) by Herbivore Botanicals leaves you with a hint of neroli as you waft out the door après your morning shower. A light all-day moisturizer is the Cérat Aux Fleurs Composées ($210) from Joelle Ciocco.

Body Lotions
Only three wild-harvested and organic ingredients–shea butter, coconut oil and olive oil–go into the really pure formula that is SW Basics Body Cream ($32), yet one editor says it works better than all of the other most expensive ones she has tried. Another editor names Earth Tu Face’s calming and chemical-free natural rosemary and salt body lotion as her favorite go-to beauty product. Price of Earth Tu Face Organic Lotion is $38.

Life’s Daily Necessities
There’s more to natural products than just body oils for after shower. Windsor Edwards Lip Balm ($16) Is truly addictive. After slathering this soft balm on your lips, try some on dry spots on your face or on your cuticles. A growing number of studies about neurotoxins in toothpastes and mouthwashes may give you pauses. Start checking out the organic varieties with an offering from Wild Seed Apothecary. The cost for Wild Seed Apothecary Organic Invigorating Mint Mouth Rinse is $20, and the package is pretty enough to leave out on your bathroom counter.

A Vogue editor calls Agent Nateur No3 Deodorant ($19) the market’s best natural deodorant. The smell from ingredients such as raw honey and avocado butter is delicious, and the packaging so chic. Who can leave home in the age of Zika without bug spray? Take along the all-natural Non-Toxic Natural Anti Bug Spray ($20) from Ava Anderson. It really works!

For the full rundown on these and more recommendations from the Vogue editors’ list, go to their website and read all about Organic Natural Beauty Products.