If you’ve been swapping between favorite pairs of sandals all summer, chances are your feet are in need of a mid-season tune up. You can stop by your local salon – or for the price of a pedicure, you can hit the corner drugstore and pick up a tool that you’ll use again and again to get your feet smooth. Plus, Chrissy Teigen uses it, so you know it has to be good.

If the name “electronic foot file” makes you nervous, fear not. The Amopé is easier to use than it is to pronounce. It comes pre-packed with batteries (when have you ever heard of that happening anymore?) and the roller head runs at a soft hum to help you buff away calluses.

amope pedi perfect

Product: Amopé Pedi Perfect Electronic Pedicure Foot File

Price: around $35

We Think: 

How to Use It: With dry feet and a towel or bathtub underneath to catch those flakes of dead skin, flip the on switch and slowly glide the roller along the soles of your foot. You’re doing some of the work, which is great – you’re not taking a chainsaw to your feet but getting a lot more accomplished than scrubbing away with a pumice stone. When you’re done, lather up with the moisturizer included in the kit. I slept with lotion and socks on (an old wive’s trick for baby-soft feet) and my feet thanked me for it.

Results: The Amopé is every girl’s favorite type of product – one that gives immediate results. You can see the skin flaking off and feel your softer feet immediately after use. Of course, the more you pedi, the softer the skin. What are you waiting for?

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