Everyone has some idea of themselves in “Breakfast Club” terms. Are you an athlete or the creative type? Archetypes, started by Philosophy founder Cristina Carlino, is a new digital brand that aims to answer that question – and provide you with custom beauty products based on your best fit.

Imagine a beauty brand that already seems to know more about you than you know about yourself (Hi, BuzzFeed and Google), created with the goal of getting you to know yourself better. That’s the plan for Archetypes, says Carlino: “to play into the beauty of a person’s soul and highlight the beauty in every person.” Carlino shared with us her vision for the new line and her concept for including personality in beauty:

When formulating for a specific fragrance, what matters most is recognizing the pattern of behavior and needs of each archetype and incorporating these archetypal traits in each fragrance. Visionaries must have a weightless product; they can’t handle seams in socks, scratchy labels from their clothing or tacky or heavily scented product. Visionaries love a clean scent that is why we had to include rose and crisp greens in the fragrance. The advocate must have all natural, all organic and believe in the social conscience of the company creating their products. The tastemaker seeks dramatic results and likes beauty formulated by doctors and experts. The performer believes in ‘more is more’ and wants to be smelt and seen – let’s think contouring! Champagne and beautiful fruit smells are perfect for the performer. Athletes won’t wear a product without SPF, they like durable products that will go the distance. The partnership of moss and modern wood work perfectly for the athletes. Caregivers look for nurturing, safe and practical personal care. Intellectuals are results focused and require scientifically proven products at smart prices.

Despite our varied archetypes, Carlino tells us that humans are universally drawn to the ingredients that make up our own chemical composition. “Water and oil are the most used ingredients in fragrance,” she says. Take the quiz to start connecting to what makes you human and what makes you you.

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