The upper lip’s divided symmetrically in two-by-two vertical lines under your nose, called the central philtrum. The lip color also affects what’s going on. Pale lips indicate anemia (a lack of red cells or abnormalities of red cell contents). Blue shows lack of oxygenation of blood, which can come from many causes. Lips, like faces, fat and breasts, are a supreme target of the beauty counter and plastic surgeon’s tools.

Teeth: Women tend to prefer upper front teeth that look rounded. Men like a squarer look. Most of us prefer the height of the two front teeth to be about 1.6 times the width (phi ratio). The front six teeth also follow the golden rule. The larger ones are 1.6 times the size of each successive smaller one.

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Smile: The subtle muscles of your mouth determine how you communicate in your environment. A dozen or so muscles connect with the circular muscle around your mouth. (That’s just a fraction of those around your eyes. Some suck in the cheeks, others pucker the lips, or lift and lower them. A fire of a few neurons that instruct your mouth to move a certain way, determine if you’re conveying rage, excitement, sarcasm, confidence—and the list goes on. Even smiles can be categorized by their beauty. The prettier the teeth, the more a person smiles. The more a person expresses emotion by using the facial muscles (around the eyes and mouth), the younger she looks.

Tongue: Your tongue helps you swallow and protects you from swallowing poison. Your tongue helps move foods and liquids down your esophagus, and is controlled by eight muscles and four nerves. Few people think of the tongue as a beauty organ. Normally, tongues are pink and moist, with bigger bumps in the back. Developing problems is when things can get hairy. A black hairy tongue, for example, happens if your taste buds elongate and change color, due to antibiotics or smoking. You can also develop ulcers, cysts, herpes infections and yeast infections. This is called thrush; milk of magnesia or nystatin can chase the yeast out of your mouth.