We all know beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Everyone sees it differently. But when it comes to the most popular beauty trends, each country has its own style. There are so many ways to interpret beauty. Things we find attractive or interesting may be completely opposite across the world. Whether beauty trends are inspired by culture, tradition, or society, it is amazing to see how women worldwide seem to find confidence in their beauty routines.

Some go for full glam while others focus on their hair or brows. The standard of beauty can be so distinct, yet it all comes back to the power that beauty has. It enhances our self-esteem and lets us define beauty for ourselves. So what are the most popular beauty trends around the world?

In Japan, a look described as “doll face” is wildly popular. This makeup look helps the face appear more youthful and round. Applying blush directly beneath the eyes gives women the rosy cheeks that children tend to have naturally. Also, applying mascara and even false eyelashes to widen the eyes adds a bit of child-like curiosity to the look. Colored contacts are also often used to enhance the eyes as well.

It seems anti-aging is an international trend that all women are reaching for. Specifically in South Africa, drinking certain teas is a common way to reveal younger-looking skin. From plumpness to preventing wrinkles, women rely on the ingredients in tea to achieve results more so than expensive creams, as we often do in the US. This might be something to consider for yourself. Have you seen the women from South Africa? They radiate a healthy and youthful glow.

In India, long and glossy hair seems to be the focus. Although makeup is growing more popular every day, it appears beautiful and luscious locks are still the go-to. Most women use oils to help their hair remain healthy and retain shine. And as many Indian women naturally have thick and strong hair, women from western regions tend to covet this look.

Arab society has an overwhelmingly large population of Muslim women. In many cases, this means women cover most of their faces. So the focus of beauty here is the eyes. Using black kohl liner seems to be the standard to draw attention to the eyes, but more recently, winged eyeliner and newer trends are surfacing to truly let the eyes speak for themselves.

Korea is a beauty hub for the rest of the world, especially when it comes to skincare. The US beauty market has been long inspired by the K beauty sensations like BB and CC creams and even cushion makeup. Flushed and glowy skin is all the rage in Korea, and the primary way to attain this look seems to be intense hydration. From face masks to creams and lightweight, dewy foundations, skincare is the focus in Korea.

You may already know that full brows are a go-to in the UK. And it is not just fullness, but a natural and almost bushy look that is popular in London. Dubai follows a similar trend, but along with bold brows, they tend to be more straight and flat when it comes to shaping. The UK seems to reach for a higher arch when shaping the brows. But either way, steering clear of tweezers altogether is a must-have.

A favored beauty trend in Latin America is using colored liner on the lower lash line, AKA reverse eyeliner. These shades tend to be quite bold, like neon green or electric blue. Even bright yellows, oranges, and pinks are becoming the norm. This look also seems to be gaining quite a bit of traction in Hollywood as of late.

Finally, there is France which tends to admire a more natural look. There is a low maintenance quality to France’s idea of beauty. Air-dried hair, light makeup, and using fewer products appear to be the routine. And to add a touch of chicness to a makeup look, an orangey-red lipstick seems to be the perfect pop of color and flare. Otherwise, the model-off-duty look is wildly popular every day.