Euphoria is the most popular show of this generation. It’s humor, drama, and some serious life lessons. But most importantly, it has some of the most amazing and unique aesthetic that every fan fell in love with. If you happen to know a Euphoria fan or if you are one yourself, here are some of the cutest beauty items you can get to start experimenting with the looks.

Lemonhead.LA Spacejam

Remember that early look where Rue is tripping with glitter “tears” melting below her eyes? The makeup artist used Lemonhead.LA and water to create the iconic look.

Face Gems

Maddy is all about accenting her makeup looks with bling. She wears blinged-out eyebrows, with a row of crystal gems, in a cheerleading session, amping up her typical crease gem look.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Pro Pigment Palette Vol. 3

Jules is all about whimsical, colorful makeup with no boundaries. Whether it’s watercolor-like washes blended or bright, graphic liner, she doesn’t follow normal makeup rules or fall for what’s trendy. Instead, it’s all about what comes from creativity and self-expression. This makeup palette contains plenty of unique palette colors to recreate Jules’ famous looks.

Melt Gel Eyeliner

There are plenty of colorful looks, but the graphic liners take it to the next level, especially in Jules’ case. To ensure the precision while painting circles and careful lines, choose a bright and colorful gel eyeliner like this one by Melt.

Make Up Forever Starlit Diamond Powder

Remember those “tasteful nudes” Jules wanted Rue to take in episode three? Well, she wore some stunning gold liner above her crease as she posed artfully. Dip a wet liner brush into this gold powder from Make Up Forever to Recreate the look.

Face Pearls

Maddy recreated her signature eyeliner in pearls at one point during the show. Place pearls along the lashline, mimicking cat-eye liner instead of regular liner.

Bold Red

What would Euphoria be without Kat’s dominatrix charm? Layer up with some bold, red lipstick and wild-colored eyes in blues and greens to recreate Kat’s signature moves. And, of course, make it shiny and luscious.