Monave mineral makeup powder

Founder Deborah Bilezikian of Monavé Mineral Makeup, sees the ethics of her business as three-fold: how the company treats its employees, the planet, and its customers. Bilezikian tries to reflect that on every level throughout Monavé, from devising ways to provide support for employees with children, to keeping every step of making, selling, and shipping her products transparent even (and especially) if there are mistakes; to her personal refusal to shop at companies that have a history of employee abuse. Monavé truly believes that these are just as essential factors to the quality of the products they make.

In addition, the company strives to create foundation for all shades and types of skin, to the point that they will customize a shade for you if you can’t find a fit already in their inventory. In addition, Bilezikian has celiac and deeply believes in creating products for those with sensitivities, without toxic and irritating ingredients, even if they’re natural.

However, if you’re worried that buying into ethical mineral make-up might mean losing the diversity of products you expect from traditional brands, you couldn’t be more wrong. Myth-buster: mineral makeup doesn’t have to be a powder. Monavé carries lovely, creamy eye pencils and lipsticks made of minerals and natural oils that glide right on. And after trying their Vegan Moisture Mousse in Teporah, a creamy, sandy color, I didn’t miss a thing about traditional liquid foundations.