Alima mineral cosmetics blush

Alima Pure Cosmetics makes a foundation with only four ingredients and is hypo-allergenic for those with sensitive skin. The founder, Kate O’Brien, started the company after her mother had fallen ill and her daughter was just at the age when she was beginning to explore the world of make-up. As O’Brien wondered what factors might have contributed to her mother’s illness, she was inspired to create a safe, healthy makeup comprised of natural minerals.

I tried their Satin Matte Blush in Melon, an earthy pink-terracotta that was lighter than the pictures and went on smooth and glowy. In addition, I love their lipsticks, a combination of waxes and natural oils. Among the colors my favorites are Emma, a mild fuchsia, and Stella, which, I have to say, is the first red that I have ever been able to pull off.

While the makeup might be getting all the attention, both Monavé and Alima carry sets of cruelty-free, hypo-allergenic, luscious make-up brushes worth adoring. I recommend giving Alima’s #25 foundation brush a swirl, as well as Monavé’s luxurious flat-top brush.