Trend Alert: The Best New Beauty Sprays

Evian water facial misting has long been an image we’ve associated with the most pampered and privileged among us—and there’s a reason. The spraying of purified ingredients onto skin, hair and body takes a level of care and formulation that isn’t found on just any drugstore shelf. And as trends tend to cycle in and out, it seems an array of brands are looking to sprays to launch intriguing new technology.

From the easily affordable to the extravagantly epicurean, here’s the latest in beauty spray science.

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1The First Clay Spray

Clayspray Glow, Toning, Brightening, Pore Refining, Mattifying, Comfort and Hydrate Masks, $60 each 

The ooky-gooky clay mask experience gets a clean makeover with this new line of clays that come packaged in sprays, so that you don’t touch the treatment until it’s applied to skin. Formulations range from pore-refining to brightening and hydrating, and contain 60 to 65 percent clay, versus the typically less than 20 percent found in most traditional clay masks.

2For Brunettes Only

Sachajuan Dark Volume Powder, $32

This volumizing powder is formulated with rich pigment that enhances deep hair colors with a velvety matte finish and refreshed feel that leaves no telltale residue. Use as a dry shampoo to sop up an oily scalp and extend time between washings, as a volumizer for the crown, or as a gray hair concealer to mask outgrowing roots until your next coloring.

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3Sunscreen Spray

Goldfaden MD Sun Visor, $45

Goldfaden MD’s sunscreen rocks our socks for several reasons: You can spray it on after you apply makeup for a trusty SPF 30 shield, it’s oil-free, rapidly-absorbing and free of that funky sunscreen scent. Organic red tea is added for antioxidant and skin-renewing benefits. We’re in love.

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4Fancy Refresher

Restorsea Recharging Facial Mist, $100

This is luxe, even for the jet-set crew: Restorsea’s hydrating new spray is made with purified water from Norwegian baby salmon hatching season, which contains the brand’s proprietary enzyme that is released during the process. The enzyme only digests dead skin cells to offer similar rejuvenating benefits of glycolic acid without the side effects. Now, you just need someone to fan you…

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5Do-It-All Volumizer

L’Oréal Professionnel Volumetry Root Spray, $26 

Three technologies merge in L’Oréal Professionnel’s new root spray: Intra-cylane acts as filler at the heart of the hair fiber to give it lift, salicylic acid purifies the scalp to remove oily buildup, and light conditioners add gloss without weighing strands down. You can also spritz along the length of hair to add even more body.

6Body Breakout-Blaster

Neutrogena Body Clear Body Spray, $9

Neutrogena offers relief for those embarrassing body breakouts with a salicylic acid (a derm-favorite ingredient for clearing out clogged pores) treatment that features a 360-degree nozzle that sprays evenly from any angle – including upside down. (Hey, sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.) Naturally astringent cucumber extract is included for refreshment.

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7Oil-Fighting Primer

Urban Decay B6 Vitamin-Infused Complexion Prep Spray, $33

With the first stabilized form of topical vitamin B6 to absorb excess oils, Urban Decay’s energizing spritz also includes willow bark that is naturally rich in salicylic acid to keep pores clear. Spray on the micro-fine mist in the morning, during the day to keep fresh or at night as a booster before your regular skincare routine.

8Strand Strengthener

Brazilian Blowout Acai Brazilian Dry Oil, $26

Brazilian Blowout blends powerful antioxidant açai with a dry oil formula to smooth and strengthen hair without the risk of weighing it down like in a traditional serum. Quick to absorb and virtually weightless, the South American nutrients reconstruct damaged strands while leaving the hair shaft burnished with brilliant shine.

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9Saline Sinus Rinse

Ocean Complete Sinus Rinse, $15

Cold and flu season can clog sinuses and cause a number of beauty maladies—from puffy eyes to flaking noses and irritated skin. Ocean Complete’s new natural salt-blend formula is non-medicated and safe for daily use. The orange nozzle emits a full saline stream to help irrigate sinuses, while the white nozzle provides a soothing mist to keep sinuses moist and comfortable. We found that it’s far more convenient to carry on the go than a netipot.

10Makeup Mist

Merle Norman Expert Touch Finishing Spray, $16

If your makeup likes to pull a disappearing act, a setting spray can help pigment stay in place. Merle Norman’s ultrafine mist forms an invisible and microscopic mesh-like mask against environmental invaders like humidity that notoriously break down makeup. Once your face is complete, simply spray all over to set within seconds.

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