Makeup does not need to be full glam to be beautiful and to make an impact. Not everyone wants a lengthy beauty routine or to even look like they have makeup on.

But, if you are a natural beauty lover, how do you know what products to reach for when so many things are full coverage, super pigmented, and really intense? Well, you keep on reading.

Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint (Shop here)
The Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint has a misleading name. Although it is a skin tint, it doesn’t perfect the skin exactly. It is a lightweight and hydrating coverage product that melts into the skin. It blurs minor skin imperfections but allows your skin to breathe. You can still see your freckles and pores, but you have less redness, a slightly evened tone and texture, and an overall glow. This is ideal for those people who hate foundation.

ELF Glossy Lip Stain (Shop here)
If you want a glossy and comfortable lip color that sticks around but isn’t drying or shocking, this is it. With eight unique shades from neutral to orange and pink, you can have that lovely light color you want without all the intensity of matte lipstick. Plus, when the shine fades, the color hangs around. It won’t look patchy or weird either. It just looks like your lips but better.

Hero Cosmetics Rescue Balm Green Tinted Balm (Shop here)
For those who want to conceal redness from acne or scarring, this is for you. You may not want a full coverage concealer, especially if you want a natural look. Instead, try this. It helps your scars heal while using a green tint to neutralize any redness. It doesn’t look or feel like makeup but gets rid of the redness you don’t want.

Rare Beauty Stay Vulnerable Melting Cream Blush (Shop here)
Cream blushes aren’t just a trend in makeup. They are the perfect way to achieve a flush of color without too much pigment or powder. A blush like this can be applied with your fingertips and adds a touch of color and glow without being too intense. You can blend it easily and even use it on the lips for a quick pop of color.

Benefit Ka-BROW! Eyebrow Cream-Gel Color (Shop here)
The brows are an essential part of even the most natural makeup look, so having a product that does it all without overdoing it is critical. This product is an all-in-one eyebrow cream gel. It will fill any sparse areas, sculpt the shape, and define without looking too intense. With seven shades, everyone can find their ideal match, and it is so user-friendly even if you’ve never filled your brows in before you can hack this.

Zoya Nail Perfecter (Shop here)
Now, you may not have realized you can go natural with your nail polish. And it isn’t just about the color, but the product too. The Zoya Nude Manicure Nail Perfectors come in six colors so that you can choose based on your nail’s natural coloring and your preference. These aren’t precisely polishes but sheer topcoats to neutralize other colors or use on their own for a polished but natural look.

Natural beauty isn’t about being lazy or even not liking a full-glam look, but about enhancing your natural beauty. You can have fun with makeup and beauty products without feeling uncomfortable. Finding your favorite natural products can make you feel your best without trying too hard.

For those that love makeup but don’t love a lot of makeup, these products will make your beauty routine so much easier and enjoyable.