We just got some news that’ll make every ’90s kid shed a tear: Bonne Bell, maker of the iconic Lip Smacker flavored lip gloss, announced last week that it’s being sold to new owners. The company will be closing its Ohio-based headquarters in March.Cleveland.com reported how Robert Evans, COO and CFO of Bonne Bell, has announced that the company “will be permanently laying off employees and closing substantially all manufacturing and distribution operations at the facility located” in Ohio, adding that this is connected to a sale of a large portion of the business. He continued, “As a result of the layoffs and closing of the manufacturing operations we anticipate that 91 employees will be permanently laid off.”The Ohio-based, family-run business has been around since 1927. Bonne Bell became the first company to make a flavored lip gloss when it created Lip Smacker in 1973.The teen beauty brand’s new home will be under Mawkins International,a California-based company that owns Wet N Wild and Physicians Formula, Mashable reports. A press release about the acquisition makes us hopeful that the brand will continue as the one we know and love … but there’s always a chance of change when a company moves from small-town, family-run to larger hands. Case and point: Hard Candy. Sure, we can buy it at Walmart now, but there was nothing better than its original nail polish that came with a matching ring. What we’d give to get our hands on those babies again.Only time will tell how the Bonne Bell sale will affect Lip Smackers. We’ll be over here keeping our fingers crossed our daughters will still be able to experience the same Dr. Pepper Lip Smackers we went crazy for back in the day.READ MORE: These 90s Beauty Products You Loved Are Alive & Better Than Ever