Newborn babies who need nutrients and sustenance? Forget ’em! The hot new use for mother’s milk as for facials, dahling. Yes, breast milk facials are available at the Mud spa in Chicago, where anyone can pay $40 to get their face slathered in what could have been some baby’s lunch. The white stuff has been retrieved from a milk bank, where it was given by nursing moms, and is medically screened first to ensure it is free of disease.

MyFoxChicago reports that Shama Patel, the founder of Mud, began offering breast milk facials after seeing how good the milk — which nursing moms refer to as “liquid gold” — is for skin problems. “There are so many mommy blogs out there that talk about using breast milk to basically help with skin conditions,” she told Fox.

Indeed, mommy blogs recommend breast milk as a treatment for everything from acne to eczema to sunburn to warts. Apparently, it can even treat pinkeye! The good-for-you ingredient in breast milk is called lauric acid, a fatty acid found both in human breast milk and in coconuts; because of this, breast milk has even been suggested as an ingredient for a special ice cream for teenagers to cure them of their acne.

And because no story is complete without a Kardashian angle: remember that time when Kim used Kourtney’s breast milk as a treatment for psoriasis? Liquid gold indeed.

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