Ever wonder how Caitlyn Jenner’s hair always looks so perfect? It’s all thanks to her trusty stylist, Courtney Nanson, who serves as her righthand glam woman while filming Jenner’s docuseries “I Am Cait.” The pair met through mutual friends over a year ago and have been a team ever since, working together before Caitlyn’s Vanity Fair debut to discover looks they liked from magazine pages. In an interview with Allure, Nanson revealed the Jenner’s biggest preference surrounding her new look. If you’ve ever taken even a glance at an episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” the answer probably won’t surprise you:

“Cait has always loved long hair. Her whole life people were constantly telling her to cut her hair. Long hair is more than just a look; it’s a feeling. I have put Cait’s hair up, pulled it back on the sides, or into a high ponytail depending on what the situation calls for. But mainly her daily hairstyle is a fresh look, softly curving around her face with fullness. It will work for anything she might be doing that day and will last through the night.”

After reading this, I immediately thought of just how many times Jenner’s family members mocked Jenner’s long hair throughout the Kardashians’ on-television history — especially Kim’s staunch insistence that a haircut happen before her wedding. Now that we have greater context on what Jenner was going through at the time, what once seemed like good-natured digs are heart-twisting to think about. Now that Jenner is at last rocking her hair as long as she pleases, Nanson opts for a blowout most days:

“I love doing a big blowout on Cait’s hair. I recommend working with three to four different sizes of round brushes. I start at the hairline working one inch sections around the entire head—I use the smallest brush first and graduate up a size with each section. I concentrate on blowing the roots upward. I then finish with the biggest brush on the top of her head for maximum volume. I also set every section with Velcro rollers for a minimum of 30 minutes, taking out each roller and lightly back combing each section to build shape. I always finalize the look by adding volume to the ends with a smoothing brush.”

Nanson also mentioned that Jenner is definitely down to try new hairstyles in the future — would it be a stretch to wish for a brief platinum blonde stint like Kim’s?