With the winter wind showing no sign of stopping and our favorite childhood lip balms making headlines, now seems like a good time to get down to business with a solid lip balm. I love bright lipstick, but I’ll admit I tend to skimp on the actual work of lip care. I’ll go for a week reminding myself everyday that I “must buy lip balm.” Finally, my chapped lips and I end up at the pharmacy where we buy seven sticks at once. When Carmex sent us their cherry lip balm, we were intrigued. How can you not love a lip balm that smells like your favorite candy (Haribo Cherries, obviously.)?

Product: Carmex Lip Balm Click Stick

Price: $1.59

We Think:


How To Use It: The “click stick” is a standard-issue lip balm tube. Don’t click too far or you’ll over-outline your lips and end up with jelly-mouth. If the stick isn’t your thing, Carmex still offers a tube and their classic jar. Feel free to apply throughout the day as often as lips feel dry or chapped, plus again at bedtime. It’s also SPF 15 and has up to 80 minutes of water resistance.

Results: Carmex has been around for 78 years, and I’ve probably bought and lost 78 of them over my lifespan alone. We all know this brand knows what it’s doing. My lips feel softer and hydratrated after a week of use. The cherry flavor makes it more fun than applying simple petroleum jelly, but it’s just as waxy as if you were using that simple solution. Plus, always a good sign, I only had to apply a few times per day. This is the perfect lip balm to keep in my desk drawer, where I know I won’t lose it. And at $1.59, you just can’t beat the price.

Disclaimer: I recieved my Carmex Lip Balm as a sample. 


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