Celebrities With Round Face Shapes

Round faces have cherubic cheeks and a curved chin that typically look youthful and cheery. Proportionally, these faces are wider than they are tall, with a gentle jaw.  These celebrities rock hair and makeup trends that play up their lovable face shapes and balance their facial proportions.

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The layers in beyonce’s long, lush hair give it volume that perfectly complements her face’s proportions.

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2Sarah Michelle Geller

Gellar’s long, wavy layers pull her hair out and away from her face, giving her an elongated, lush look.

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3Mila Kunis

Kunis’ sheer eyeshadow and bold mascara open up her eyes and give definition to her full face.

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4Queen Latifah

Latifah’s sleek updo has some volume at the top of her head that elongates her face, balancing the proportions of her beautiful, round face.

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5Katie Couric

The curved shape of Couric’s brows complement the spherical shape of her face and give her a cheerful expression.

6Penelope Cruz

Cruz’s sleek, pin-straight blowout elongates her gently rounded face.

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7Hayden Panettiere

Panettiere’s long lashes open up her eyes and add definition to her face.

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8Debra Messing

Messing’s triangular layers create these svelte curls that elongate her sweet, round face.

9Cameron Diaz

Diaz wears perfectly applied pink blush on the apples of her cheeks, letting the features of her angelic, rounded face shine.

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10Paula Deen

The volume at the top of Deen’s hair adds length to her face, balancing the proportions of her broad cheekbones.