What it is: Color Wow Brass Banned Mousse, $24What it does: Counteracts harsh, brassy tones caused by oxidation and restores correct, true tones to color-treated hair.Why it works: Just like your skin, your hair (especially if it’s color-treated) will start to show some visible damage after being in the sun for too long. Besides drying it out, oxidation—a chemical reaction that affects the dye molecules in your hair—can strip the hair of its color. This is what causes brassiness, leaving you with a shade that can be quite different from the one you paid all that money for.Color Wow’s secret to righting this wrong lies not in your hair color, but the mousse’s color. The lavender-tinted formula is a complement on the color wheel to brassy blonde tones, which counteracts the discoloration and restores the color. For brunettes, there’s a teal-tinted formula that neutralizes that reddish-orange discoloration.Try using the mousse to give hair some grip and body before your blowout, or to help straight, fine hair from slipping out of braids and buns.Why you care: 47 percent of YouBeauty readers color their hair. With the summer in full swing, it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll protect your color while still having some fun in the sun.MORE: The Best Strategies to Fight Summer Frizz